Exciting Senior Photos on a Tennis Court

Senior Photos on a Tennis Court - Spring Senior Photos - Action Senior Photography

Senior Photos on a Tennis Court - Jackson's Story

Well it was time for our Harborcreek High School Class of 2023 Senior Rep, Jackson to do his Spring Senior Photos on a tennis court! We met back up at the spot we had done his Fall Photos at, Penn State Behrend Campus. At this point I felt like Jackson and I were old friends. He told me he had applied to Penn State and it was looking like that’s where he’d be attending in the fall of 2023. But he was already familiar with the campus because the courts are open for the public to utilize and he and his friends on the tennis team at Harborcreek High School do come up here to practice and let off some steam. So, we focused our entire 1 hour session on capturing some creative shots of Jackson for his senior photos on a tennis court. 

We started with some fun posed photos using what we had on hand such as his tennis gear and the nets and fencing in the court. I love using leading lines so I made sure to line him up with the racket in a few shots for a neat perspective. I may have eaten dust to do it, but no worries! We got the shot! After some posed photos we went in for the kill on these senior photos on a tennis court by having Jackson serve a bit. I switched my camera into auto focus for his eyes so I could capture a bit more of the action. After he had a bit of fun he asked if we could stop for a few minutes for him to change into another outfit that was a bit more colorful, complete with a bright sun visor. 

A few more posed photos and some action packed swing shots later we were just about finished up when I had another fun idea. I asked Jackson if he thought he could balance a tennis ball on his racket. So, with his permission we marked one with ‘2023’ and went to snapping away for these senior photos on a tennis court and some unique images. 

Next up will be Jackson’s Graduation Portrait Session in late May! I can’t wait to see him again. 

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