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Family Photography is the best way to capture your milestone moments and preserve them forever. Because your Family Photography is so important, we’ve built a team that consists of more than just family portrait photographers. Above all, they are real people with families of their own. We’re watching our own children (and grandchildren) grow. In addition, we’re supporting each other through the milestones and achievements as well as the hard times. Also, we’re growing and bonding. Furthermore, we understand how fleeting those moments can be. Because those moments pass by so quickly, we know just how essential it is to capture them.

When we are honored to safeguard your memories, this is what we will do for you:

First, we are here to guide you through your family photography session. Not only will you have an online planning guide to help. Our family photography team will walk you through the process. You can also read through our helpful Family Photos Blog to find advice on What to Wear or Where to Take Your Photos.  Second, our focus is on more than just family photography. We’re here to preserve the relationships, the love, and to tell your story. That means getting to know you and making you feel comfortable during your session so those smiles are genuine.

Lastly, we know that you’re busy and excited to see those photos. That’s why we make the effort to return your Viewing Gallery to you as quickly as possible. We don’t want you to have to wait to share the love with extended family and friends. Indeed, you will walk away with more than images. You’ll have precious moments to display in your family home or share with others. Our typical turnaround time is about 10 days, but it can be faster during the slow season or…longer during the holidays. Either way, we’re going to focus on giving you the best service we can.

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Family Photography - Family Photographer Near Me - Family Portrait Studio Erie Pa