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Annual Back to School Pictures Sale

Every year you get the same old boring Back to School Pictures with your kids. They parade everyone into a stinky hot gym and throw them in front of a backdrop where a ‘photographer’ spends 2 minutes trying to get them to smile just once. And then you pay an arm and a leg for fake looking smiles from your precious little gems. FORGET ALL THAT!! Willow & Roots Studios is offering Back to School Pictures MINI SESSIONS to capture who your child REALLY is!! And…..the picture pricing? Not all that much more than what you’d get at the school. So, real smiles for not much more money? Tell me I can sign you up.

Hey by the way…did you know that like you…we’re also a family? Our family business partners over at Erie Wedding & Event Services offer SCHOOL SAFE Disc Jockey Services and CatErie – Elegant Cuisine just created a Drop Off Menu to feed your family for all of those wonderful milestone celebrations! 

So, what are the details of our Annual Back to School Pictures Sale? Well, we have a few days set aside for photos with your little buckaroos. We’ll have the studio backdrop and lighting already set up and ready to go when you arrive to our studio. Unlike the school’s photos, we’ll spend about 5-10 minutes with each kid talking and laughing to get their real personality to shine during their session. We’ll take anywhere from 3-15 photos and upload them to an online gallery for you to select from. You get full control of the image and you’ll be right there to make sure there’s no jelly on their shirt or hair sticking up in weird places. Bonus: They won’t look stiff or uncomfortable because they’ll be in a more relaxed setting with the security of having someone they know and trust right with them. 

10 Minute Session

1 Digital Image with Print Release

Special School Print Packages available as well.


Don’t let another year of disappointing back to school pictures stress out you and your kids. Treat yourselves to a better experience with Willow & Roots Portrait Studios Annual Back to School Pictures Sale. Click the link below to book your spot.