Adorable Twin Newborn Session

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Sweet In Home Twin Newborn Session

This in-home twin newborn session was a fun challenge. To start with…it was twins. I had never had the opportunity to capture twins before so I was nervous and excited. But mostly, it was my first newborn shoot on my own. AND it was a homestead style session so I was going to my client. Well, kind of. I went to the babies grandparents house for this twin newborn session. 

The twins grandma had been a previous bride of mine so I was honored when she scheduled a photo shoot with me while the new family was in town visiting. The proud parents live just about 1.5 hours away so it was a big trip for them with newborns and a big deal for the family. So much so, that a ton of family members were in and out of the house while I was there. I got to see a lot of familiar faces from Carrie & Tony’s wedding. It was really nice. We ‘suggested’ the guys, move into the kitchen and dining room to visit while we set the babies up in the living room for this twin newborn session. 

A lot of times photographers and new parents holding a twin newborn session will go with one color scheme and both babies will be dressed similar. However, this couple was blessed with fraternal twins, a boy and a girl. So, I wanted to draw attention to this by dressing them in different colors. I had just recently purchased a pink set for a girl and a blue set for a boy so I brought that along. And because Carrie loved purple I also brought the purple and green outfits. We didn’t end up using the green at all, though.

As it always is, one twin slept calmly while the other was wide awake, curious and at points very fussy. I don’t mind a fussy baby as it gives me the chance for baby cuddles to calm them back down. I did a lot of cuddling with these two adorable little tykes. We did manage to get them posed together for a few quick photos before they stirred and woke each other up. And we learned that they did much better in the solo photos. I learned that from now on with twins I will have steady mom and dad hands available to hold each baby while I prepare the scene so we can quickly set them down and shoot before they wake up! 

It was a really exciting, fun and challenging experience to do a twin newborn session for my first solo time out. I really enjoyed spending time with familiar faces and capturing this fleeting time in the baby’s journey for my friend, Carrie. I wish the entire family luck, love and joy!

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