Social Booth: 3 Insider Secrets You NEED to Know

Social Booth - Photo Booth Rental - Photo Booth Erie Pa

Social Booth Explained

I bet you know exactly what a Photo Booth is, right? I mean you haven’t been living under a rock, have you? Everyone know what a Photo Booth is. But not everyone knows what a Social Booth is. And that’s what we’re here to tell you about!

Social Booth - Photo Booth Rental - Photo Booth Erie Pa

Social Booth Basics

Let’s start with the basics here so you don’t get confused about what a Social Booth is. It’s a Photo Booth…but…on steroids..AND…if you can even imagine it…it costs less! You get a real photo booth capturing the real fun at your event for the fraction of the cost. Now, you might be wondering why we’d (or any company really) would offer you a better version of a Photo Booth Rental that’s less money. 

Social Booth Cost

If you’ve read our other blogs you know we just keep it real here. So, we’re going to be honest with you. We can offer the Social Booth for less because it costs us less! Why? No paper, no ink, no printer. Well, what is the point of a photo booth without prints? A LOT!! All you need is a WIFI signal and our booth will actually TEXT your guests a copy of their visit. And that’s where the name comes from. You’re being social with your visit by sharing it with others. Text away, share on Facebook, Instagram, or send it to granny in an email. Be social with it. 

Social Booth - Photo Booth Rental - Photo Booth Erie Pa
Social Booth - Photo Booth Rental - Photo Booth Erie Pa

How the Social Booth Works

So, basically a Social Booth works the same as a regular Photo Booth rental up until the time the prints normally come out. Instead of hooking up to a printer, the booth attendant will hook up to your venues WIFI connection. Then, at the end of their visit your guests will be asked to enter their telephone number into the booth, which will text them from an internet phone number that’s programmed into the booth. They’ll get a cute little image showing off their photo booth posing skills. It comes as a 4X6 postcard style graphic with anywhere from 1-3 images in it. (Wanna see what it looks like? I put a recent rentals image below.)

Enhance the Social Booth

The Classic Social Booth Rental comes with the booth, a backdrop, and props. You pick your choice of 6 Themes that we have available. Each theme has matching backdrop, prop set, greeting screen, and digital template that goes along with it. We automatically customize the digital template to put your info in it. So, for example we can edit the graphic to say “Happy Birthday John!!” or “Anchors Away to Megan” or whatever else your event is about. 

But for some people they want more….and there are a few upgrades that you can add on or you can order our Premium Social Booth with all the fixings. We can offer things like a GIF upgrade so instead of a 4X6 postcard your guests get a square graphic frame with an actual loop GIF of their visit in it. Or you can add on a Digital Download of all your event files so you get a copy too! Our premium upgrade comes with completely customized graphics so we’ll design something just for you. We can match school colors, insert special graphics, change fonts, or even use an existing photo in the design!

Social Booth - Photo Booth Rental - Photo Booth Erie Pa

How Do I Book a Social Booth????

Booking a Social Booth for your next celebration is super easy. All you have to do is either gives us a call or click through to our contact button and drop us your info. Our office manager, Eve, will reach back out ASAP to ask some simple questions and get a quote out to you. 

You know what goes great with a Social Booth? Musical Entertainment from our partner DJ team at Erie Wedding & Event Services AND some awesome food from CatErie. 

Event DJ Services

Event Catering with CatErie

Ready to talk about a Social Booth for your next event. It’s perfect for Graduation Parties, Retirement Parties, School Dances, Birthdays, Bridal Showers, and more!!!

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