Photo Booth for Graduation Party: 3 Bold Reasons to Book

Photo booth for graduation - Graduation Party Photo Booth - Photo Booth Rental Erie Pa

Why You Need a Photo Booth for Graduation Party

Renting a Photo Booth for Graduation Party is the best way to capture the fun and memories with your friends and family. 

Your Graduation is one of the biggest celebrations of your life. You worked hard and dedicated yourself to getting this far. So, you deserve to celebrate with everyone who was there with you. Most graduates look forward to their graduation party. Everyone expects a BBQ style outdoor party with good food and lots of laughs. But, not everyone expects the amazing fun a Photo Booth for Graduation Party can bring!

Not only does a Photo Booth create some fun moments, it captures those moments for you and preserves this once in a lifetime achievement. You’ll have these moments to look back on forever with a Professional Photo Booth Rental. 

Photo Booth For Graduation Party - Graduation Party Photo Booth - Photo Booth Rental Erie Pa

Better than Cheap Knock-off

I looked online for “Photo Booth for Graduation Party”. What I found was a bunch of articles on how to create a DIY Photo Booth. But, lets be honest. It’s not the same. Why stress yourself out trying to plan and buy everything you need when you can spend the same amount of money by calling a pro and save yourself the time and headache.

There are clear advantages to hiring a Professional Photo Booth Rental. First, the obvious reason: The professional does this every single week and they know what they are doing. They deal with all the hassle of creating your booth design, strip design, bringing professional equipment, set up, tear down, etc. It’s easy for you to just tell them what you want and sit back and say cheese. A DIY booth requires you to buy all the materials to make a backdrop and you have to haul it in and set it up yourself. You also have to purchase your own props and cameras. And after all that work and money you don’t even get a cool Photo Strip with your names and date on it. You get a regular old 4X6 photo of your guests that you hope Uncle Frank didn’t get his thumb in the way of while he was taking it with the disposable camera you left out for him to use. There’s no guarantee that any of your hard work will pay off.

Customized Experience

Picture if you will a Photo Booth for Graduation Party unlike any other. That’s right. Completely unique and customized exactly the way you want it. We offer everything from a choice of Prop Themes to Customized Print Templates.

What’s your angle? Are you a sci-fi nerd? In love with Great Gatsby? Do you chill at the beach every chance you get? There are good odds that we have a Prop Theme that will suit your tastes with everything from Beach Party USA to Camelot to Pirate Party. PLUS…we have a huge selection of Graduation Themed props that we add into the Themed Kit to really get down to business.

Photo Booth For Graduation Party - Graduation Party Photo Booth - Photo Booth Rental Erie Pa
Photo Booth For Graduation Party - Graduation Party Photo Booth - Photo Booth Rental Erie Pa

Personalized Print Templates

When you select your Themed Prop Experience you’ll get a link to view our pre-created templates that match either that theme or your event type. That means you can look through some fun templates and choose the one that works best for you. Some of the templates can be edited to match your school colors or color scheme you’re going with. All of the templates will be personalized to include your name with a congratulatory message. 

Check out our competition. Most other photo booth for graduation party are kind of basic without this level of personalization. 

You know what pairs well with a Photo Booth For Graduation Party? Well, start with Cap & Gown photos. Then, grab a musical genius to DJ your party and order Drop Off Catering from our friends at CatErie. 

Graduation Photos with Willow & Roots

Graduation Disc Jockey 

Catering with CatErie

Dates fill up really fast once the warm weather hits and everyone starts planning their parties. Grab your fully customized Photo Booth Rental today before it’s gone!! We’re waiting to talk with you about your celebration.

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