The BEST Photo Tips for even the MOST Camera Shy

best photo tips - family photographer erie pa - portrait photographer near me

Uncomfortable in Photos?: The Best Photo Tips to Help

Are you someone who cringes at the mere mention of a photoshoot? Do you break into a cold sweat at the thought of posing in front of a camera? If so, you’re not alone. Many people feel uncomfortable and self-conscious when it comes to having their picture taken. But fear not! At Willow & Roots, we understand the anxiety that can come with being in front of the camera, which is why we’re here to help you overcome your camera shyness. In this blog post, we’ll share five of the BEST Photo Tips to make your session a breeze, even if you’ve always felt like a fish out of water in front of the lens. Our goal is to empower you with the confidence and knowledge you need to feel at ease during your next portrait session. So, whether you’re preparing for a professional headshot, a family photo, or just want to feel more comfortable in snapshots, these tips are designed to help you put your best face forward. Let’s dive in and discover how you can transform your photo phobia into photogenic confidence!

Best Photo Tips - Family Photographer Erie Pa - Portrait Photographer Near Me

Hire a Professional

Already you think I don’t know what I’m talking about. Best Photo Tips and you start with telling me to spend a bunch of money on a pro? Well, yeah. Most people don’t realize what a professional photographer does. They think all we do is a click a button. But it’s SO MUCH DEEPER than that. 

A professional is invested in themselves so they strive to better themselves at every opportunity. Not only do we hold a training course for every photographer we hire on, we also encourage all of our team members to continue their education by investing in training tools to help them with everything from posing, to communication when they’re behind the camera to lighting and editing. 

A pro has had the experience posing people of all ages, shapes and sizes AND personalities. They know how to guide you. 

Pick An Outfit You Love

This is one of the best photo tips ever because picking an outfit that you feel like a million bucks in is going to automatically make you feel more confident. And if you feel better about yourself, that’s going to come across in camera. 

And we do NOT mean go out and spend a million bucks. The best outfits are those tried and true items that you have already broken in. You know how they fit and lay on your body. They’re like old friends. Buying a new outfit and wearing it for the first time can actually be counter-productive to feeling good about yourself. Wardrobes malfunctions happen. I’ve seen it firsthand when clients didn’t listen to me and bought new clothes for a session. 

Oh also, check with your pro for suggestions on patterns (don’t…just skip patterns they’re awful) and colors before planning your outfit. 

Best Photo Tips - Family Photographer Erie Pa - Portrait Photographer Near Me
Best Photo Tips - Family Photographer Erie Pa - Portrait Photographer Near Me

Treat Yourself a Bit

So, avoid buying new clothes unless you have time to break them in first. BUT, do treat yourself to a new haircut and a fresh shave or some professional makeup to create that confidence. This is the best photo tips with stipulations:

Do NOT get a hair cut the week of your photo shoot. Let the hair settle back into place. 

Do NOT color your hair a color you’ve never tried before right before a photo session. You’re asking for disaster. 

Do NOT shave without protection the morning of your session. You don’t need to look like your face has road rash or little itty bitty cuts all over. 

Wear Comfortable Shoes

Your session may be waist up only like professional headshots or you may be doing a more relaxed family session. Whatever it is your little footsies need to be comfortable in well fitting shoes so you’re not standing around crooked or in obvious pain. No pair of heels is worth it ladies. You want to wear stilettos in a few shots? Literally carry them with you and put them on just for those pictures. Better yet…best photo tips….practice walking around ahead of time if you’re planning on fancy shoes during your session. 

And regardless of what shoes you are donning, bring that comfortable back up pair of tennis shoes or flippy-floppy’s in between shots. Feeling comfortable makes you happier in front of the lens.  

Best Photo Tips - Family Photographer Erie Pa - Portrait Photographer Near Me
Best Photo Tips - Family Photographer Erie Pa - Portrait Photographer Near Me

Practice in the Mirror

We’ll finish up our list of Best Photo Tips with this silly but oh so important one. Practice in front of the mirror. 

The main reason people usually feel uncomfortable in front of the camera is the fear of looking unattractive or silly. Posing ahead of time in a mirror without any observers can show you what you like and don’t like. And then you can convey to your photographer what you already know. Hey, I don’t like my arms this way or can you make sure not to take photos of my legs? And do all sorts of poses you’ve seen online that you think you might want in your gallery. It’ll help you decide how it looks for real and if you like the results. 

So, do you think our list of best photo tips is going to help you prepare for your next photo session? If not, we hope it helps that you now know that our team is trained in making people feel comfortable by posing them in flattering ways and keeping open communication during the session so you understand what’s happening and what to do next. Willow & Roots is focused on capturing your milestone moments and turning them into memories. 

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