How Much Do Senior Pictures Cost: Incredible Insider Tips

how much do senior pictures cost - senior picture photographer near me - senior portrait photographer Erie Pa

Wondering how Much Do Senior Pictures Cost ?

Are you a soon-to-be high school graduate in Erie, Pennsylvania looking for the perfect senior portraits? If so, you may have been wondering how much do senior pictures cost on average in the area. Well, according to our research, the answer is between $75 and $800. This price range is HUGE and you might be wondering why in the world one photographer only charges $75 while another charges $800! Let’s talk a little about that. 

How Much Do Senior Pictures Cost? - Senior Picture Photographer Near Me - Senior Portrait Photographer Erie Pa

How Do They Decide Pricing?

Let’s be real here. You can have your friend on the yearbook staff take your senior pictures for free or next to nothing. And they’re going to use the entry level camera that the school provides to do it. It may seem like a cool, money saving idea. But what you end up with is someone who doesn’t have a lot of experience taking photos of you that you need to last a lifetime. A professional senior portrait photographer in Erie Pa is going to have the best quality gear and have a ton of experience posing students just like you. So, how much do senior pictures cost? Well it’s an expensive lesson if your photos are ruined by a hobbyist. Lesson here: Getting a free or cheap session isn’t the best option. Pick a pro for this one. Trust us.

What Am I getting all together?

Next thing to consider when checking out: how much do senior pictures what you’re getting with the session. Some beginners or amateurs are going to be the least expensive. And they’re probably just going to pull out a flash drive and hand you everything they just took. Literally just took. Meaning no editing, no frills. Got zits? Guess what? You still got zits in your pictures. Got messy hair? Don’t care. It’s still there. But a high quality pro is going to spend at least a few days editing and polishing those images before delivering the final product. Some may include digitals, some may give you prints, and some higher end ones may expect you to BUY anything you want extra. You need to ask when looking into pros.

How Much Do Senior Pictures Cost - Senior Picture Photographer Near Me - Senior Portrait Photographer Erie Pa
How Much Do Senior Pictures Cost - Senior Picture Photographer Near Me - Senior Portrait Photographer Erie Pa

Do you even like their work?

Another thing you really need to think about besides how much do senior pictures cost? I even like their photos? When you look at their online work are you impressed or do you feel you could do the same thing on your cell phone? I mean, my cell phone is pretty awesome, but it can’t compare to my camera. And a friend snagging pics on their camera or a beginner just doesn’t have the training or experience to pose you in the best way. So, more than cost matters here.

Check out their portfolio. Do you like the posing, lighting, editing? How much do you think grown-up you will like it? How much will your kids like it? I know…weird question, but one day you’ll have to live through it. I’m so glad I missed the 80’s. Trust me. LOL

In conclusion, senior photos are an important milestone and should be taken seriously. It’s a great opportunity to capture a moment in time that can be looked back on fondly. Asking: How Much Do Senior Pictures Cost? is a good start, but should NOT be the end. There is no need to break the bank when choosing a photographer, as the average cost of a PROFESSIONAL senior photos in Erie PA is between $150-$800. Consider your budget, style, and needs before making a decision. And don’t forget to have fun!

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