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Seven New Parent Approved Newborn Photography Session Tips

During the first six months of life, average newborns grow at a rate of about a half to one full inch per month. Almost every day they appear different as they put on weight and outgrow each little stage of being.

For this reason, you should get in your newborn photos as soon as possible to capture them in all their newness. Newborn Photography sessions with little ones pose obvious challenges as they do not always cooperate the way we want them to.

This absolutely does not mean that you should forgo the photo op. Follow these seven newborn photography session tips that will help you get the perfect picture.

Newborn Photography Session - Newborn Photographer Erie Pa - Newborn Pictures

Book Before Baby Comes

Schedule your newborn photography session prior to giving birth. This will ensure that your photographer is available when you need them. Try to make your session right before or at the baby’s two-week mark. This allows you time to adjust to bringing your new family member home.

Not only will you make sure to get them tiny and new at this point, but they will most likely make the photo session easy. At this age, newborns mostly sleep. A sleeping baby makes for a precious photograph. It also allows you to indulge in capturing just about any adorable pose you can think of.

Click Away While They Slumber

While you need to book your newborn photography session early on, see if your photographer can wait until your little one comes into the world to solidify the time. After the first few days, you should get a feel of when your baby sleeps.

Adjusting to their schedule will work much better than making them adhere to yours. This is one of the best tips for a newborn photography session.

Newborn Photography Session - Newborn Photographer Erie Pa - Newborn Pictures
Newborn Photography Session - Newborn Photographer Erie Pa - Newborn Pictures

Check That Little Bottom

Nobody feels comfy with a wet bottom. Make sure your baby has a fresh diaper for your newborn photography session. Also make sure you leave it very loose this will keep the marks and red lines from the diaper appearing in the newborn photography.

Change them about a half-hour prior to the session. If they dirty the diaper again, then simply clean them up. If you try to save time by keeping them in a dirty diaper, you may not get the results you want.

Break Out the Excel Sheet

Many parents go into a newborn photography session with a very specific plan. Pencil those plans in and leave room for adaptations. Prepare for anything that can go wrong to happen. Bring extra diapers and outfits in case of a blowout or spit-up situation. This will keep them comfortable and cute for the pictures. Also, know that they may not cooperate for the exact picture you wanted. Stay open for alternative pictures during your newborn photography session.

Newborn Photography Session - Newborn Photographer Erie Pa - Newborn Pictures
Newborn Photography Session - Newborn Photographer Erie Pa - Newborn Pictures

Practice Posing

If you think of a picture-perfect position for your little one, test it out ahead of time. See whether or not they find comfort in the pose before you get disappointed during your newborn photography session.

If you absolutely want something specific, try putting them in that position often during the days leading up to your session. This will get them used to it’s it feels comforting to them.

Practically Perfect Props

When choosing props, think in terms of practicality. What will make your baby most comfortable so they enjoy the newborn photography session or sleep through it?

Swaddle them up in a blanket so they feel secure. Try keeping one of mom’s shirts close by for comfort during newborn photography. Babies have a terrific sense of smell. 

Many newborn photographers will actually have special wraps to help your baby stay safe and secure during the session. These elastic wraps with safe velcro closures are designed to make baby feel like they’re still in the womb. 

Newborn Photography Session - Newborn Photographer Erie Pa - Newborn Pictures
Newborn Photography Session - Newborn Photographer Erie Pa - Newborn Pictures

A full baby is a happy baby

Try to feed your baby on-site, right before your newborn photography session begins. This will make it less likely that they will get hungry and cranky while your newborn photographer works their magic. Feeding infants milk releases a hormone called cholecystokinin. This causes drowsiness, making them much more likely to sleep through getting photographed. What if they still get hungry again? Simply feed them. Come completely prepared with anything you may need, like an extra bottle or a nursing cover.

Bringing a new baby home can create a little bit of chaos at first. Make sure you review your newborn photography tips ahead of time so that you properly plan and prepare for your session. As long as you prepare, let the baby lead, and remain flexible, you will leave with unforgettable keepsakes.

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