When Should I Schedule A Portrait Session?

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When Do you need a portrait session?

When should you schedule a portrait session? Well, every day you’re writing an epic story. Every decision you make is a new chapter. It’s a novel of life experiences, chalked full of adventure. Every achievement deserves to be celebrated and every moment to be cherished. And your story can’t and won’t be repeated ever again.  Because these pivotal moments pass us by it’s important to capture them for the future as they happen. The best way to do this is with a Professional Portrait Session.

If you’re experiencing a milestone moment in your life you should definitely schedule a professional photography session. Any moment in your life that you want to celebrate and remember should be documented because your photos are like a vehicle that drives the story of your life. They open up a window into the past. By preserving that moment in time they preserve the feelings and relationships. Here is a list of life moments that call for a Professional Photography Session:

Portrait Session - Family Photos In Erie Pa - Portrait Photography Near Me

Senior or Graduation Pictures

The second most popular milestone that people think of to schedule a portrait session is graduation/senior year of school. Most often we think of High School, but College and Grad School should be celebrated as well. If you’re heading off to medical school, law school, or any other long term career education that is also a monumental occasion that deserves to be documented with a portrait session. These are major celebration moments in your life. Looking back on everything you’ve accomplished can help motivate you in the future.

The best time to schedule your Senior Portrait Session is going to be during or right before your Senior year. If this is your intention you’ll be documenting who you are at this moment in your life.

If your focus is more on the actual Graduation Ceremony and experience surrounding it I would suggest scheduling a portrait session very close to the actual day of the ceremony, if not directly on that date.

Maternity & Newborn

Another life changing event in a family is the addition of a new member. Documenting your journey into parenthood creates a photographic diary of that crucial time in life. It preserves your feelings, your challenges, and triumphs. It also creates a vivid series of images that you can share later with your child as they grow. Every child is curious about where they came from and why they are who they are. Give them a real way to live that story by documenting your experience beginning before they were born. Show them the preparation and love that went into who they are.

Maternity Portraits are usually scheduled during the last trimester of pregnancy when your belly is full and round, but before the baby drops too much. You can reach out to us if you’re unsure about when to schedule those. 

Newborn Portrait Sessions are best between 7-14 days after birth. That allows time for the umbilical cord to fall off, but still catches baby when they are sleepy and easy to pose. You can tentatively set a date ahead of time with us and if things change we’re always flexible. 

Ask about our Bundle of Joy package. 

Portrait Session - Family Photos In Erie Pa - Portrait Photography Near Me
Portrait Session - Family Photos In Erie Pa - Portrait Photography Near Me

Family Milestones

Portrait Sessions aren’t just for weddings and newborns. Sometimes other pivotal moments should be captured. We’ve been asked to be there for Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, 60th Birthdays, and 50th Anniversaries. Those are huge celebratory moments in a family’s journey together that should be documented and safeguarded for the future. Those celebrations usually bring together members of the family that may not see each other often. Relatives and loved ones travel great distances to share these moments together so take advantage of those times. You can easily schedule a professional photographer to meet you at your event location and hold a portrait session before the party begins or after it wraps up while everyone is in one place. Or schedule it a day before or afterwards once everyone has arrived in town. In fact, our team will be doing that this May. We’ll be doing a multi-generation family shoot the day before their annual family reunion. We’d love to talk to you about your Family Portrait Session!

Sensual Boudoir

A boudoir/dudeoir session can be a celebration of your strength, your positive feelings about yourself or it can be about sharing your intimacy with your significant other. Whatever the reason for scheduling this intimate portrait session, it’s a very empowering moment for those that choose to document a portion of their life in this way. These sessions do not need to be sensual. They can be a private session that showcases how you’re feeling during that time in your life.

The flip side to these types of Portrait Sessions depends on your sense of humor. We’ve had several guys approach our team for a silly dudeoir session that showcases their personality in a different light. Whatever you’re trying to accomplish we’re here to talk about it. Let’s set up a unique and empowering Boudoir/Dudeoir Session for you today!

Portrait Session - Family Photos In Erie Pa - Portrait Photography Near Me
Portrait Session - Family Photos In Erie Pa - Portrait Photography Near Me

Your Wedding Day

While this isn’t really a “Portrait” Session, most people think of their Wedding as a milestone that they want to capture. And they are exactly right to do so. Your wedding is a once in a lifetime event that brings together your closest friends and family in one spot. A Professional Photographer is able to document your Wedding Celebration as the beginning of your biggest life adventure. It’s a defining moment in any person’s life. It’s the blending of 2 lives and 2 families into one. This is the biggest reason people think to hire a professional photographer.

There are Portrait Sessions that do go side by side with your Wedding Celebration. You should begin with an Engagement Session. Many Photographers will create a Wedding Package for you that includes both Engagement & Wedding Photography. You should also consider a Bridal Boudoir as a gift to your new spouse. These intimate sessions enable you to express your emotions during this time in a photographic journal that will last a lifetime. 

For other Wedding Services check out our partners at EWS for Planning & Disc Jockey and CatErie Elegant Cuisine for tasty morsels.

If you’re experiencing a pivotal or life changing moment then this is the time to set up your Portrait Session with a Professional who will work alongside you to capture your story. Let’s document your accomplishments, joys, and personality together in an amazing gallery of images you can look back on for years to come! We’re waiting to talk with you!

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