What to Wear for Guys Senior Pictures: 8 Unbelievable Ideas

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Best Tips on What to Wear for Guys Senior Pictures

Hey guys! Are you wondering what to wear for Guys Senior Pictures? You didn’t think this was just fun for the ladies did you? Get ready to bring out your inner 9 year old for just a minute and post a sign on the board that reads “No Girls Allowed”. They’ve got their own blog. They don’t need yours. This post is all about Senior Guys and how to look AWESOME in your Senior Pictures. Ladies, don’t get jelly…your blog is right here: What to Wear For Senior Girls

First off, I know you guys aren’t usually thrilled about getting your picture taken. I have 4 boys of my own. Getting any of them to sit still in front of a camera is a feat I feel I deserve an award for. Do they make a parenting award like that? Let’s get real. Senior guys are usually only doing a session because mom said so, grandma guilted and/or your girlfriend begged. We get it. You’re way too busy and too cool to play dress up and smile. But we don’t want this session to feel like a chore for you. We’re about to capture who you are and tell your amazing story. You want people to know your cool story, right? The first place to make this more fun for you is……outfit advice? Yeah, trust me. It is. Having someone help make it easier on what to wear helps out a lot. So, you can focus on just being you.

We like to use Planning Guides that help you understand what to expect at our shoot and give you ideas about why it’s important for you to pick the setting. First, you choose the Best Location to Take Your Senior Photos. Next, you’ll fill out our questionnaire to help us get to know you. Finally, we use what we call a Mood Board that gives us a visual idea of what you want us to capture.

What To Wear For Guys Senior Pictures - Best Senior Photographer Erie Pa - Senior Pictures Erie Pa

Mom’s (Grandma’s) Outfit

Okay when starting with What to Wear for Guys Senior Pictures we need to consider mom. The first outfit is usually what mom picks out. Trust me, she’ll have an opinion. If your mom is anything like me this is where she’ll remind you of the long nights pacing the floor with you and how she brought you into this world. Typically, us moms pick out a super clean cut outfit on the dressier side. We like to show you off all dapper. Button up shirts, khakis or slacks, and loafers or dress shoes make us moms happy. Want to score real points for being the best son ever? Throw in a fancy fedora or a tie (they sell zipper ones now). The more successful and handsome you look, the more we can clutch our chest and say: Oh mommy’s heart and soul!!

The ‘YOU’ Outfit

Coming up next in What to Wear for Guys Senior Pictures…YOU!! The second outfit is all about you. What do you feel really comfortable in? Do you kick it in jeans and a t-shirt? Are khakis and polo shirts your go-to? If you’re sporty maybe your jersey or team jacket would be nice. The ‘YOU’ outfit is going to be the one you look back on and smile. It’s the one you give out to friends because it’s how they’ll remember you. Best of all, it’s the one you already own. No boring shopping trip to pick out new clothes.

What To Wear For Guys Senior Pictures - Best Senior Photographer Erie Pa - Senior Pictures Erie Pa
What To Wear For Guys Senior Pictures - Best Senior Photographer Erie Pa - Senior Pictures Erie Pa

Match the Location

Remember I mentioned earlier how we want you to Pick the Location of your Shoot? (That’s unless you chose our studio and then you still have to pick indoor or outdoor.) Well, it just makes sense when deciding What to Wear for Guys Senior Pictures to compliment the scenery. Are you really going to wear a tuxedo on the beach? Would those Nike Sandals and basketball shorts look the best in front of marble pillars at the courthouse? Think about where you’re taking your photos so you don’t stick out like a sore thumb.

Think About the Season

I’ve got this group of Seniors I shot last year who are all Skiers. They belong to the Ski Club and they work at the Ski Lodge near us. They were all talking about getting their Senior Pictures during the winter on the slopes. It makes sense for them to wear warm sweaters, ski jackets, and long sleeve shirts. Can you imagine a Hawaiian Luau Shirt on the slopes? Matching what to wear for guys Senior Pictures with both locations AND season makes sense. Camden over here dressed for the beach. It was a hot day too. I bet he’s glad he had on shorts. I never wear shorts to a shoot so I was sweating. 

What To Wear For Guys Senior Pictures - Best Senior Photographer Erie Pa - Senior Pictures Erie Pa
What To Wear For Guys Senior Pictures - Best Senior Photographer Erie Pa - Senior Pictures Erie Pa

Don’t Be Afraid of Props

This is where all the Senior Guys I’ve shot have excelled. They love adding something personal and fun into their portrait session. One added a football with his Class year on it because….you guessed it…he played football. Another loved his expensive sunglasses so he brought those along. Add those little touches that make you…you. You’ll feel more comfortable and really capture who you are that way. Our advice on what to Wear for Guys Senior Pictures needs to include fun personal props. 


Guys. Let’s talk. The ’80’s were…….best left in the ’80’s. I still have PTSD from the leather and lace, white rain hair, neon spandex, and too much Madonna. Neon did NOT age well AND it looks terrible in photos. Neon is a photographer’s nightmare. Not to mention you’re dating yourself by wearing outfits that are trendy for only 10 minutes before they (thankfully) get shoved back into the bottom of your closet under the soccer cleats. Neon is….just don’t. Thanks.

What To Wear For Guys Senior Pictures - Best Senior Photographer Erie Pa - Senior Pictures Erie Pa
What To Wear For Guys Senior Pictures - Best Senior Photographer Erie Pa - Senior Pictures Erie Pa


Okay look. I know you paid a lot of part time fast food job money for those Nike pants and that Adidas logo hoodie. But come on. These pictures need to be classy and last forever. Photos in gear with huge logos and company names printed across them just aren’t invitation or newsprint material. And they are super distracting. I strongly suggest you make your Champion Sports statement during school and not during your Senior Photo Session. I had one guy do this once. His photos in that sweatshirt aren’t anywhere near as nice and his mother didn’t order any of them. Pic to show you what I mean. Chris should not have shown up in a Champion Hoodie. 

Use Your Interests

If you’re in sports, bring that uniform. Don’t forget to bring other gear too…like Jackson did with his racket and balls. If you were in a marching band, bring your instrument and maybe a school shirt. Hey, if you love to drive around in your JEEP on the weekends, wash it up and grab some pics with your JEEP. It’s important that you reflect on YOU.

What to wear for senior guys pictures needs to be completed with those details that are all about you. 

What To Wear For Guys Senior Pictures - Best Senior Photographer Erie Pa - Senior Pictures Erie Pa

If you’re still a little nervous about planning your session even after learning about What to Wear For Senior Guys Pictures, don’t worry! You can find out some more tips on How to Prepare. We know you’re so busy thinking about regular life that you’re not really sitting down mapping out your Senior Portraits and that is just why we wrote all these blogs to help you out! Let’s make getting ready easy and fun so that your session is also easy and fun.

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