Holiday Outfit Ideas - Family Holiday Photos - Holiday Pictures In Erie Pa

Family Photos - Holiday Outfit Ideas

I don’t know about you, but receiving a personalized Holiday Card from a family member is one of my favorite things. I keep that card all year long on my fridge. I only take it down when I get the next amazing card from them. But picking out what to wear can be hard to do because everyone is so different. Let’s talk about Family Holiday Outfit Ideas for your Holiday Photo Session.

Holiday Outfit Ideas - Family Holiday Photos - Holiday Pictures In Erie Pa

Choose a Color Pallet

While everyone in your family has their own unique sense of style and taste, you don’t want to be distracting in your photos. Talk to your family members about their Holiday Outfit Ideas. Try to settle on a matching color palette that will make everyone happy. Because you’re getting Holiday Photos done you may want to use a color that’s traditional for this time of year such as red, green, white or use a color combination like blue & silver. You don’t want everyone wearing the exact same shade, though. Keep your photo interesting by complimenting each other more than matching.

Careful With Patterns

If a few people in your group like patterns why not mix it up a bit? Plaid is one of the great Holiday Outfit Ideas. We have plaid tree skirts, plaid scarves, plaid socks, etc. Everyone loves plaid this time of year! But throw in some stripes and solids to mix it up. As long as you’re using that common color palette you’re going to look amazing!

Alternately, decide ahead of time who will wear the pattern and have everyone else in solid colors. If one person wears a green and red plaid and another wears red and the last wears green, you’re really covering all your bases for holiday outfit ideas.

Holiday Outfit Ideas - Family Holiday Photos - Holiday Pictures In Erie Pa
Holiday Outfit Ideas - Family Holiday Photos - Holiday Pictures In Erie Pa

Don't Forget Comfort

Wearing a style of clothing that you don’t normally purchase is not one of the best Holiday Outfit Ideas. You want to look and feel relaxed and comfortable in your photos. When you feel relaxed your genuine smile comes through and your photos will show it. We can all spot a fake smile in a picture. We want to see your real smile shining through! If you don’t normally wear a skirt I wouldn’t suggest buying one for family holiday photos.

Extra tip: Be like me…when shopping…do a full aerobic workout in the changing room to ensure you love that outfit. 

Shop at Home....

If possible, choose your Family Holiday Outfit Ideas from your own closet. It goes along with the previous idea. The more you’ve worn an article of clothing, the more comfortable you are in it. We all know how long it takes to break in brand new blue jeans. I’ve personally been a witness to uncomfortable wardrobe malfunctions from clients wearing brand new outfits. It’s not pretty. If you are planning on buying something new, purchase it early enough to wear it a few times before your photo shoot.

Holiday Outfit Ideas - Family Holiday Photos - Holiday Pictures In Erie Pa
Holiday Outfit Ideas - Family Holiday Photos - Holiday Pictures In Erie Pa

Rules? Who Needs...Rules?

The last rule to remember is…there really are no “rules”. The point of a Family Holiday Photo Session is to capture the unique, fun, wild, and crazy story of who your family is!! Your personalities should shine through in every joy filled image because that’s who your friends and loved ones expect to see. When you’re sending out a holiday greeting they should see you for the wonderful person you are.

Of course, holiday outfit ideas should be based on the holiday you’re commemorating, but other than that…..the sky is the limit for your imagination…oooo who’s up for ugly Christmas Sweaters….hey…wait…come back….

In conclusion, when selecting holiday outfits for family photos, prioritizing comfort is key to ensure everyone feels relaxed and at ease. Expressing your personal style through your outfit choices can add a touch of uniqueness to the photos and showcase your family’s individuality. Additionally, incorporating elements of fun into your outfits can bring out genuine smiles and laughter during the photo session, creating beautiful memories to cherish. Remember that the most important thing is to feel confident and happy in what you wear, so don’t be afraid to get creative and have fun with your holiday looks. So go ahead, start planning your family’s picture-perfect outfits and get ready to capture some unforgettable moments together! 

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