An Expert’s Guide to the Best Types of Portrait Photography

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Understanding Portrait Photography

Portrait Photography is a fascinating art form that goes beyond merely capturing a person’s likeness. It’s about delving deep into the essence of your subject, capturing their personality, emotions, and unique characteristics in a single frame. Whether it’s a candid smile, a thoughtful gaze, or a moment of pure joy, portrait photography aims to freeze these fleeting moments in time, creating timeless images that tell a story and evoke emotions. Through the lens of a skilled photographer, a portrait becomes more than just a picture – it becomes a window into the soul of the subject, reflecting their true essence for generations to come. 

Find out a little more about the types of portrait photography we offer at Willow & Roots Studios. 

Portrait Photography - Best Photographer Erie Pa - Professional Photographer Near Me

Family Photography

Portrait Photography is built on the backbone of family. That’s because the majority of it is focused on preserving celebrations that begin with the foundation of family. 

But family portrait photography, is about those family milestone moments. As the years go on your family is growing and changing and achieving goals! Family photography can capture those celebrations. 

Many families choose to document their growth at least once a year with Holiday and Fall photos being the two most popular types of family photos. 

Maternity Photos

Maternity Photos are those glowing and warm photos expectant parents capture during the late second or early third trimester. The belly is round and full of promise and mom is excitedly waiting to meet the baby she’s been carrying for 9 months. 

Maternity Portrait Photography is a chance for expectant parents to reflect on the journey they’ve been on so far and where they will go in the future. Many expectant moms will purchase a special new dress specifically meant to accentuate their belly. It’s also a good idea to bring along a sonogram photo or other cute items like baby shoes or blocks spelling out the new additions name. 

Portrait Photography - Best Photographer Erie Pa - Professional Photographer Near Me
Portrait Photography - Best Photographer Erie Pa - Professional Photographer Near Me

Newborn Photography

Newborn Portrait Photography usually happens within a few weeks of your Maternity Photography Session. For that reason it’s a great idea to ask your maternity photographer if they also offer newborn sessions. Many will offer both. We offer a Joyful Bundle Package to combine the sessions. 

Newborn photos are a bit different than other sessions. For one, they take much longer as we’re working with babies unpredictable schedule. Next, they deliver far less images because we’re careful to be gentle with baby and not push too much. And lastly, baby can’t do a ton of posing so photographers rely on really cute props, wraps and outfits to create some adorable images. 

Senior Portrait Photography

Senior Portraits are a part of family photography that’s usually one of the last sessions your child will have before embarking on their own journey. I’ve found that many local families get confused about Senior Pictures. They assume the photos the school offers will suffice, not realizing that these are only standard school pictures with one generic, posed photo being the result. 

Senior Portrait Photography is a private session one on one with a skilled photographer who will focus on your child’s personality, accomplishments and passions, creating a gallery that will reflect who they are for decades to come. 

Portrait Photography - Best Photographer Erie Pa - Professional Photographer Near Me

Now that you understand a bit more about Portrait Photography you’re probably ready to talk to one about the type of pictures that you need. But, we’re guessing that if you’re in the market for a professional photographer you’re probably celebrating an accomplishment and want to share it with your family. That’s why Willow & Roots offers a fun Photo Booth Rental for get togethers and we partner with EWS for Family Friendly DJ Service and CatErie for some tasty morsels to keep everyone satisfied while they’re having fun. Reach out today to learn about booking your portrait session and feel free to also ask about our partners services. 

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