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Maternity Pictures Outfit Ideas You'll Fall in Love With

Most pregnant women want maternity pictures taken to remember this special time in their lives. What to wear for your maternity photo session can be a daunting task. You want to look your best and feel comfortable too. Here are some tips to help you choose the perfect outfit for your maternity pictures.

Maternity Pictures - Maternity Photographer Erie Pa - Maternity Photography Near Me

Choose Comfort First

Before we go over any other advice on outfits for your Maternity Pictures this step is the KEY. Always dress for comfort. This means not buying an outfit online that you can’t try on before your shoot. If you buy online get it earlier enough to make sure you can return it or buy another outfit if needed. If the outfit doesn’t fit and feel right you’ll be noticeably uncomfortable during your photos. 

In addition, dressing comfortably means dressing for the weather. Winter and Fall Maternity Pictures are beautiful, but you need to make sure you’re wearing appropriate clothing. A fuzzy sweater or cardigan, a beanie and warm footwear will keep you happy. In spring and summer choose outfits that allow you to feel the soft breeze without overheating.

Compliment Your Location

After you’ve figured out When to Take Your Maternity Photos and Where to have your Maternity Photo Shoot, you can better decide What to Wear. (See those links? That’s right! More help to plan the best shoot ever!) First thing you’ll need to consider is the season of the year you’re taking pictures. Try using colors that compliment the season. But, at the same time you don’t want to blend into the environment. So, next you’ll consider the location. It’s not the best idea to wear dark brown or green if you’re taking photos in a wooded area even if it is the fall. Think more vivid reds or purples. And if you’re outside in the snow you don’t want to disappear like an arctic bunny so avoid whites and creams. Lean more towards greens, reds, and blues. Blues in winter can make a really dreamy looking collection.

Maternity Pictures - Maternity Photographer Erie Pa - Maternity Photography Near Me
Maternity Pictures - Maternity Photographer Erie Pa - Maternity Photography Near Me

A Pattern? Maybe not...

I’m not even going to beat around the bush on this one. Should you wear patterned outfits during your maternity pictures? The answer is a resounding NO! 

To begin with, it’s a basic photography rule to avoid patterns during photo shoots. Patterns can wreak havoc on your final images by causing distractions and weird visual effects that you’d rather avoid. And no amount of photoshop can fix some of those issues. Also, patterns are easy to clash. Fall photos are notorious for this problem with 5 people all wearing different patterns of plaid. It’s not cute. Also, patterns can date your images while solids are classy and stand the test of time. 

This is even more true for expectant moms. I made this mistake at my own baby shower and I’ll never stop regretting looking like a clown in the photos. Patterns are not flattering on your baby bump. Solid colors have a way of showcasing your round belly in an elegant way you’ll appreciate later.

Show Off Your Features

The final piece of advice I have for you during Maternity Pictures is to show off what you got! You heard me right. Avoid droopy or saggy outfits or loose hanging maxi dresses that don’t accentuate your baby bump. You’re taking these photos to document a milestone moment in your story. You don’t want to wear a bulky sweater or top that hides what you’re excited about. Most maternity dresses for photo shoots are made specifically to showcase that belly. Browse Amazon and communicate with your photographer before making a purchase. They’ll be able to tell you if the outfit you chose will work well for your shoot.

How much does a Professional Maternity Photographer Cost? We go over the cost from beginner to the most experienced professional to help you set a budget. 

Maternity Pictures - Maternity Photographer Erie Pa - Maternity Photography Near Me

In conclusion, when it comes to maternity pictures, it is important to feel comfortable in what you are wearing. You should choose something that makes you feel pretty and confident. If you are not sure about what to wear, ask for help from your photographer. They have the experience and knowledge to help you pick an outfit in the right colors for your location and season. Lastly, have fun with your maternity pictures and enjoy this special time in your life!

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